The Most Shocking Underrated Mortality Risk Factor

December 19, 2022

The Most Shocking Underrated Mortality Risk Factor

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There's so many things that contribute to either getting healthy or creating a disease. There are many things that people are doing that help to create this disease.

This article will be about what a person IS NOT doing that's contributing to a disease and this is called an "Omission". Typically these omissions are hard to see.

How the lack of physical activity (no motion) can affect your genes

How much physical activity you do on a weekly basis:

What is sedentary: A person has a tendency to sit for a long period of time (e.g. TV, video games).

The problem: Our body was designed to survive with a lot of motion.

Inactivity has a lot of problems in the activation of disease promoting genes as well as inhibition of heal promoting genes.

STUDY: Examined people that got less than 2.5 hours per week of physical activity to those how get more than 2.5 of physical activity:

  • Risk of breast cancer goes up by 22%
  • Mortality increases by 41%
  • Cardiovascular disease increase by 43%
  • Risk of diabetes increases by 85%
  • Risk of gallstones increase by 49%
  • Risk of colon cancer increases by 85%
  • Risk of stroke increases by 117%

Benefits of exercise:

  • Increase in cognition
  • Worse LDL (cholestoral)
  • More sympathetic nervous system (flight of fight)
  • higher blood sugars
  • More insulin
  • Increases inflammation

You can overtrain and leave your body in an inflammatory state


  • Get regular consistent exercise / physical activity
  • Get more sleep
  • Lower inflammation
    • Foods -> Lower carbs
    • Lower overtraining
    • Increase Omega-3
    • Increase Vitamin D
    • Fasting


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