Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

December 13, 2022

Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

Topics of Interest


  • The Cholesterol Conundrum
  • Beyond cholesterol - to the primary causes of CVD
  • The power of CAC and the calcium score

The Cholesterol Conundrum

Cholesterol is strongly implicated in cardiovascular disease

  • Cholesterol is vital for life (no cholesterol no life)
    • You have over 30 trillion cells and all of them need cholesterol in their membranes
  • Your body actually makes most of your cholesterol
    • ~20% comes from your diet
  • If you eat less cholesterol your body will make more (and vice versa)
    • Dietary cholesterol is not really relevant anymore
  • When your body transports the cholesterol around your bloodstream, it can't just tag along
    • Blood is aqueous (water-based) whereas cholesterol is a lipid (fat) and so they cannot easily mix.
    • Your body makes these exotic kinds of 'boats' called "lipa-proteins" (VLDL) to help carry cholesterol until it is needed.
      • In these boats we have Cholesterol and Triglycerides (a storage form of fat)
  • Low Density Lipa-Protein (LDL) (The bad cholesterol)
    • Starts off as VLDL
    • VLDL goes around the body and to your muscles and lets triglycerides out to be burnt/used.
    • Once the 'boat's' have used most of their triglycerides, you're left with an LDL Particle (mostly cholesterol)
    • Goes back to the liver after about 2 days
      • Picked back up, recycled, broken up etc...
  • High Density Lipa-Protein (HDL) (The good cholesterol)
    • Transfers Triglycerides and cholesterol molecules in and out of the LDL class to balance the system
    • If you have a low HDL, it's generally a bad risk marker

What happens when something goes wrong?

  • The root causes drive a lot of the bad processes in the body

Primary Root Causes of Heart Disease

Thomas Dayspring

  • Genuine expert on cardiovascular health

Cholesterol and disease experts are called "lipidologists"

The majority of Heart Attacks are due to INSULIN RESISTANCE

LDL is a near-worthless predictor for cardiovascular issues* (people with LDLc above 200mg/dL, or 5.3 mmol/L are rate...)

  • Insulin resistance is so much more important when addressing heart disease risk that it "towers" over LDL

Insulin Resistance

  • Pancreas releases lots of hormones and Insulin is the master hormone (it controls alot of other hormones)
  • Cells respond to the insulin signal
  • When you eat food stuffs (particiularly carbohydrates) (breads, pastas, cereals) (usually nutrient poo)
    • But they are mostly glucose (sugar molecule)
    • It is the primary stimulant for insulin to be released (Insulin is needed to manage glucose)
    • Insulin goes out and controls how the glucose is used within the body
  • Dietary fat doesn't affect insulin at all
  • Protein affects insulin a little bit
  • If you have too much carbohydrate then you drive up your insulin levels
  • Too much glucose, too much insulin

Fructose is a special sugar that goes straight to the liver

  • Too much fructose and it can cause insulin resistance

The end of the road is Type 2 Diabetes

Measuring for this - Metabolic Mayham

Metabolic syndrome is now known as insulant resistant syndrome

Draft Root Cause for Cardiovascular Disease

  • Fatty liver
    • Increase in blood insulin
    • increase in blood glucose
    • increase in blood pressure

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